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The mission of the Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation (ECHF) is to create an economic climate in the greater Windber community that commemorates the role coal has played in our industrial heritage. We accomplish this by preserving and restorating local historical facilities, commemorating the lifestyle and sacrifices of coal miners and their families, and educating the public of the role coal has played in both local and national economies.

In 1989 the National Park Service designated the Windber/Scalp Level area to tell "THE STORY OF COAL", as part of the America's Industrial Heritage Project (AIHP). Within the area encompassing nine southwestern Pennsylvania counties, the NPS selected sites that best depict the industrial beginnings of steel, rail and coal. Altoona was selected for its long rail history, Johnstown for steel production, and the Windber/Scalp Level as best representing the coal industry. In order to facilitate this project an entity was established to act as liaison for projects, funding, etc. The original Board of Directors decided to restructure the long inactive Community Development Association, renaming it the Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation, with its focus on historical preservation projects.

The ECHF is a non-profit organization that has partnered with local, regional, state and national organizations to bring its projects to fruition. The ECHF hopes that you enjoy the descriptions of its various projects, appreciate its ongoing community efforts, and perhaps will be willing to help shape future endeavors.

 Miners' Memorial Day Festival Windber, PA

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Miners Memorial Day Festival Windber PA
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Windber PA Miners Memorial Day Festival